The income tax research tool which gives you more than what you have been looking for

If you are a smartphone user or used a car with automatic transmission then, this question is especially for you.

You are using state-of-the-art technology in almost all spheres of your life.

So why use old technology to do your income tax research?

See how mapping the research with Research map can be a non-taxing way of determining the arms-length pricing (alp) for international transactions.

What is the Research map?

Riverus Research Map is your friendly research assistant, an income tax research tool which makes looking for information less taxing by offering you:

Broad keyword search:

Like a friend, Research map understands any query you are looking for and shows appropriate results. You can start any broad level search for any keyword. Example, to find cases with international transactions you may search for “permanent establishment”

Broad keyword search

Search your keyword for free

Narrow search results using filters:

Research map creates filters by using Artificial Intelligence which provides you with ready to use information. You can narrow search results using multiple filters. For example, you may apply the section filter for Section 92C.

Forum, subjects, year of decision, in favour of, judges duration, appeal filed, and many more filter available

Check out all these filters for free

Further, reduce the results using Search within Search

If you still have a lot of results to go through then, Research mao will provide you an option to search within your results. Example: You may do a Search within Search with specific keywords like “fats” or “fees for technical services”

Search within the search for more than one queries at a time and still, you will get the results you want

Use the Search within Search for free

This is not it! There is more you can get with friendly research assistant offers.

Mobile friendly legislation analysis

If you want to check the bare act and at the same time look at the cases related, legislative intent, the amendment history, related sections, circulars, notifications, etc. you can get all of it in one place.

Never Before Insights

If you want to access insights from cases, forums, sections evaluate judge behaviour and formulate your litigation strategy with panache. Your friendly research assistant will process information and offer you information like you must not have seen before.

Start your journey with this friendly assistant, for Free