Most Cited Unreported Judgments

Last week in our article series we discussed the oft overlooked unreported judgments. After establishing how these judgments are a prominent part of the corpus of judicial literature in India, and a valuable resource for any diligent practitioner, we thought we’d trawl our database to uncover the most popular unreported judgements. These judgements on important … Continue reading Most Cited Unreported Judgments

Anatomy of an Indian Tax Case

A judgment, ideally, is a prime example of how one should structure any piece of text, especially legal texts. It is supposed to be coherent and concise, and importantly, follow a trail that takes the reader smoothly from one point to the other. While a judgment may simply seem like a collection of legalese to … Continue reading Anatomy of an Indian Tax Case

Curious Case of Rising Average Duration

The time taken to decide a case is crucial not only for the assessee, but is also considered a criteria for judging the efficiency and performance of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunals. The overall efficiency of forums have been discussed previously where we discussed the amount of workload on the members of the Tribunal affecting the time … Continue reading Curious Case of Rising Average Duration

Speed Check of ITAT Forums

Continuing our analysis on factors that may affect the timeline of a case, we thought of analysing data for different Income Tax Appellate Tribunals and check how they measured against each other. The data used here is for the Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Chennai tribunals, starting from year 2000. The fast and the not so … Continue reading Speed Check of ITAT Forums

Effect of Tax-Effect

As we highlighted in an earlier article, there is a big burden of disputes on our economy. The government does realise this, and routinely takes measures to curb the problem. In this article, we will look at three measures in particular. Data used for analysis: The impact is calculated based on data from Income Tax Appellate … Continue reading Effect of Tax-Effect