Per Incuriam Cases – III

Even after a judgement has been declared per incuriam, they are routinely cited by the courts. For example, the case CIT vs Avi-Oil India Pvt Ltd.which was declared per incurium by V.R.A Cotton Mills (P) Ltd. vs U.O.I on 27-09-2011 has been cited 15 times since then. Identification of per incuriam cases can be useful to both lawyers … Continue reading Per Incuriam Cases – III

High Court websites that need an Overhaul

We continue our series on high court websites and how they could do better in disseminating the treasure trove of information they hold. In this article, we talk about the high court websites which have missing orders/judgements, are difficult to use, and provide little or no information about the events that occurred in a case’s lifecycle. … Continue reading High Court websites that need an Overhaul