Riverus Research Map for GST

We help you navigate the constantly changing terrain of GST laws and information. Whether it is a new notification, a change in the applicable GST for a product or a service, or a clarification that comes through a case law. We aspire to make your research journey simple.

Research Map makes GST Uncomplicated

Research Map is an AI-powered information product that empowers tax professionals by providing latest information and instant insights on the most pressing tax issues relevant to a professional’s business.

  • A single source for all your tax needs
  • Save time & Money
  • Manage your organisation’s or client’s risk better

Simple, Powerful Case Search

  • Search for GST cases with an intuitive text search
  • Apply one-click filters to narrow your search
  • Sort by relevance or date
  • Search within search results

A unique way to filter for cases related to a particular product or classification.

Smart GST Legislation

Quick TOC access for:

  • Sections
  • Rules
  • Tax & Rate Notifications
  • Circulars
  • Forms
  • FAQs

Delightful way to read the legislation text!

Accessibly Designed Section Pages

Access From Your Smartphone

  • Easy-to-read legislation text
  • Access to related case laws
  • Quick links to related sections, notifications, rules, circulars, and forms

GST Product & Service Classification Mapped To Relevant Cases

Section Analytics

  • All cases of a section on one page
  • Sort, filter, and search within cases

Forum Analytics

  • All cases of a forum on one page
  • Sort, filter, and search within cases

Research With Ease

  • Readability mode for cases
  • Download PDF copies
  • Tag cases and Save searches for posterity

Research Map for GST helps you stay on top of the constantly changing GST landscape.