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Kaustubh Khiste, Partner, MKRK & Co.

It is indeed a pleasant experience when you get the required case law without any untoward efforts due to the robust research tool of Riverus, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Anandu Unnikrishnan, Associate, Nishith Desai Associates

Riverus Research Map judge analysis is exceptionally helpful for my litigation mandates in ensuring that I consistently submit the most relevant and most cited precedents.

Bhavin Marfatia          Partner, Direct Tax, KC Mehta & Co.

Riverus has helped us in saving our time as all the decisions are available at one place instead of searching through different sites, courts.

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About Riverus

Riverus is a technology company creating products for the legal domain. It was started with the vision of building insightful, usable and economical products.

At the core of any Riverus product is processed information, which translates into insights for its users. This information is derived by applying AI/Machine Learning on a large corpus of historical and incoming legal data.