Riverus Telescope for Income Tax

There is an overwhelming amount of information that is shared with you by tax information services, friends and colleagues. Not all of it is relevant to you and over a period of time you may miss/ignore something that is key to your business.

Change the way you consume income tax information. Follow, track and be notified of the information that is most relevant to you and never miss anything important.

Be Amongst the mOst empowered CFOs, Tax ProFessionals, & General Counsels in the industry.

Feel Empowered

Riverus Telescope is an AI-powered information product that empowers tax professionals by providing latest information and instant insights on the most pressing tax issues relevant to a professional’s business.

  • A single source for all your tax needs
  • Save time & Money
  • Manage your organisation’s or client’s risk better

Ready Research Library

Issue-based Information

An exhaustive list of human-curated income-tax issues complete with all important and incoming cases on the issue with a summary of the legal position links to the full text of cases and legislation information. Access all issues anytime, follow the ones that are key to your business and stay updated for changing legal positions on them.

Track Industries

Actively track the incoming tax cases for your or your customer’s industry. Be tuned in on the buzz.

Track Parties

Similar to tracking an industry, you can also request to track the cases of a party if they have similar operations and need to be on top of the incoming issues.

Ask Service

If you don’t find information on a particular issue, party or industry, send us the request and we will put it on the product. We prioritise delivering customer requests.

Case Analytics

When you view the case page on Riverus, it is packed with insights that our machine learning algortihm extracts:

  • Issues, arguments, and outcome highlighted for reading ease.
  • Key Points and Black Letter laws of the case
  • Links to pages of judges and forum of the case
  • Case timeline
  • Sections referred within the case

The Case Map feature provides links to cited cases and a detailed table of cases and outcome of the cases that refer to the case you are viewing.

You can also download the PDF copy of the case or tag it and save it on the Riverus Desk for posterity.

Judge & Forum Analytics

Understanding how judges think, what subjects they are familiar with and precedents that they have followed can help you design a formidable litigation strategy.

Judge & Forum analytics pages provide you all cases decided by a judge or in a forum in a single location to help you do just that.

Smart Legislation

There isn’t a more delightful way to read the legislation text!

  • Section text, footnotes, and its changes over the years presented in a simple and usable format
  • Access to related notifications, circulars, rules from the section page
  • Easy access to related case laws
  • Amendment history
Legislative intent drawn from cases

And if you still need Case Search

Telescope is built over the largest income tax cases database of reported and unreported cases. We capture judgments from all tribunals, HCs and the Supreme court the day they are uploaded, process them to extract intelligence from them.

Powerful filters and sorting tools help you narrow down search results.

Ability to search within searches search within and issues of the case.

SuperSearch, an advanced way of searching using power tools.

Ability to save your research and tag cases for posterity.

Simple but powerful tools that help you find information easily from within the largest income tax database.