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The Riverus Advantage Part 3 – Judge Speak

If you are an avid reader, you would in all probability have read the novel 1984 by George Orwell. And if you did, you would remember the concept of Newspeak – a controlled language with restricted grammar and limited vocabulary. In the dystopian reality of the world weaved by the author, Newspeak is a powerful concept.

Judge Speak is another powerful concept, and it exists in a much less dystopian world and a much more relevant one, Ours! The ones who have access to it would be in a position of advantage.

Earlier this week, Dipankar’s article spoke about the Wah! Moments, and how he missed out on a significant Wah Moment on account of being blindsided by the inclination of a judge on a particular issue.

In the world of income tax, where crores of money are on stake, being blindsided can literally and figuratively be a big mistake. And yet, do any research tools for income tax offer you insights from Judges’ body of work?

None! Except of course Riverus Research Map for Income Tax. Reason enough for you to try out our product.

But let us show you a glimpse of how you can do thorough research of a judges’ disposition and their experience with your issue before you appear in their court.

It is seen from the above, that Judge Vineet Kothari, is well informed on Transfer Pricing and related subjects so you can plan your litigation strategy accordingly by studying the cases in more depth.

In the video above, you will see the judge page on Riverus Research Map. In this example, we checked Judge Vineet Kothari’s page and searched for information related to Transfer Pricing within the body of his work. From, our cursory research, he appears well informed on the subject of Transfer Pricing and related subjects. If you are litigating in his court on a relevant subject you may want to do a deeper analysis.

  • Imagine how powerful this feature can be in the hands of a seasoned practitioner like you.
  • More importantly, imagine your opposing counsels having access to this data. I would be very nervous.

This feature could make a significant difference to your litigation strategy and help you win more cases.

Don’t miss out!

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