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The Riverus Advantage 2 – Click, Click, Get

Following up on our article from last week, on how we differentiate ourselves from products that operate in the case research space, here’s edition 2.

Whenever we speak to our potential customers about Research Map for Income Tax, we invariably hear the expression, “Ah! You are like Taxman (or CTR).” This comparison is very frustrating for us. Much of our time is invested in distilling human insight into our product and extracting intelligence that an expert practitioner will have acquired over many years.

We have reimagined research and transformed our product from a database to a research assistant.

Rather than hear about our product first, if the same audience has a chance to see our product, the reactions are very different. Here are a couple of quotes:

  • “Riverus search is smart!” – a senior manager @ KPMG
  • “The filtering functionality saves me a lot of time.” – Assistant to CA Anuj Jain, Partner @ Dharmesh Parikh & Co.

If you are not interested in saving time doing hours of research, read no further.

But if you do want to see, how a multi-faceted search, built on machine learning, works like a hot knife through butter, spare us another 2 minutes.

Step 1: Type a search query on Riverus Research Map for income tax.

Step 2: Filter for High Courts.

Step 3: See all cases in favour of Revenue.

Step 4: Remove the High Courts filter.

Step 5: Search within search.

Step 6: Remove search within search filter.

Step 7: Search within issues.

Step 8: Apply multiple section filters to see section interplay.

All of the above can be done within a matter of minutes. And you can search the length and breadth of a database by trying different filters and using the search within the search to find specific text within the cases you are looking for.

So, do you want to take this beauty on a test drive?

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