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The Research Map for Income tax Advantage 1 – Broad Search

Here’s a question you may have for us.

How is Riverus Research Map different from other research tools for income tax?

Before we venture to answer that, we have two questions for you:

  • Have you already bought a smartphone?
  • Have you tried driving an automatic transmission car?

If you answered yes to either of the questions, modern technology has touched your life, if you answered yes to both the questions, you may be using state-of-the-art technology in almost all spheres of your life.

So why use old technology to do your income tax research?

In this series of articles, we demonstrate how we are different from research tools like Taxmann and CTR, one feature at a time, and hope to convince you to try our product –  Riverus Research Map for Income Tax. Our first piece is focused on broad search capabilities of our tool.

Easy guided beginning

We are different from others at the very first step.

  • The Research Map home page is uncluttered.
  • The search box is easy to find
  • As you start typing, you get search suggestions, which have been extracted from the case, and you are sure to find many relevant cases when you use one of them.

Data Velocity & Completeness

When we did a search on an exact query match for cases on “depreciation on fixed assets”, we got 129 results on Taxmann, and 515 results on our product. How is the difference so large? Well, we not only have reported cases on our database, but we also download unreported cases, and cases are updated every day on our database. We also do an extraordinary job in extracting intelligence from cases and thereby make the search index far more powerful. Chances of finding cases relevant to your issue are much higher on Riverus.

Click Click, & Filter

Narrowing down your search results has never been simpler. With over 10 different filters that can be applied by merely clicking, ability to add cross-section filtering, searching within searches and within issues, a team of young tax professionals can start researching like grey haired practitioners within minutes.

There are many more features of Riverus Research Map that stand out from the crowd and we will reveal them to you in the near future. If you would rather not wait to start your free 7-day access for income tax research, we will be happy to oblige.

Start your journey towards the future of income tax research today

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