About Riverus

Riverus is a technology company creating products for the legal domain. It was started with the vision of building insightful, usable and economical products.

At the core of any Riverus product is processed information, which translates into insights for its users. This information is derived by applying AI/Machine Learning on a large corpus of historical and incoming legal data.


Dipankar and Krishnayan are both lawyers from NUJS, Kolkata, one of the premier law schools in India. After spending their early career in some of the big law firms in India, they set up a boutique law firm called Verus in 2011. It was awarded ‘The Best New Law Firm’ in 2012 by the Indian Law Journal for their customer-oriented practice.

After many successes in their law firm practice, Dipankar & Krishnayan believed that the next big thing in law in India would be centred around technology and digital transformation. The Western world was using modern technologies such as AI/Machine Learning to improve the legal experience, but there was precious little happening in India. With the aim to enhance the legal experience of the large Indian population and the legal professionals serving them, Dipankar and Krishnayan decided to set up Riverus Technology Solutions.


The Riverus team is a blend of experienced and enthusiastic legal and technology professionals. In a short time, they have put together an income tax research product that is comparable to, if not better than, some of the best research tools in the world.

The 20+ members team comprises of:

  • Lawyers
  • CAs
  • Data scientists
  • Software Developers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals


The Riverus team rigorously toils to meet the following product design goals for its customers:

  • Reduce research time
  • Provide valuable insights
  • Keep the product simple and intuitive

The Product: Research Map for Income Tax

Riverus Research Map is an income tax research tool for all CAs, Corporates and Lawyers. It is built using modern technologies and powered by machine learning for a sophisticated, quick, and efficient experience.

Differentiating Features

Here are some of the differentiating features of the Riverus Research Map product which will improve the research experience of Tax professionals.

  • Reported and Unreported cases: The Riverus database is the largest and most comprehensive income tax database, and also includes orders and legislation information.  
  • Well-established legal principles: We have extracted black letter laws (legal principles not subjected to reasonable dispute) from judgments wherever available. 
  • Case ratios: Popular cases contain rationale mentioned by judges for the cases.
  • SuperSearch: Functionality to run a pre-configured search using a combination of more than 10 different configurations.
  • Forward and backward references: A detailed map of different cases linked to a case, with an easy way to look at important forward citations.
  • Legislation Analytics: Easy interface to look at the text of a section, see what and when it was changed, find related cases, circulars, rules, etc related to it. Also, ability to explore the relationship between two or more sections of income tax and know where a section may override the other section.
  • Case timeline & history: Every case has a timeline and history on the left-hand side. Know key dates and the journey of the cases in different forums.
  • Judge and Forum analytics: Ability to research purely on a particular forum or judge.
  • Research Map Desk: To save a search or tag a case to access it easily for posterity.